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First Lathe Projects

These are my first little lathe projects. After all, isn’t the point of having a lathe so that you can make improvements to your lathe?

These were made from bits of brass and steel I got from the scrap dealer. The threads were all cut with tap and die. The lathe can cut threads but I cannot (yet).

Thumb Screw for Gear Change Cover

I don’t yet have a knurling tool so I just put some rings around the outside for grip.






Replacement Handle for Carriage Wheel

This is to replace the plastic Carriage handle. Not that there is anything wrong with it. Just for the exercise really.

Carriage Wheel0

Carriage Wheel1

Carriage Wheel2

Carriage Wheel3

Carriage Wheel4

Carriage Wheel5


Dovetail Box No.2

Here’s my second dovetail box. I made this for my Dad for his birthday. There were three things I wanted to achieve on this project:

Flush Look
On the last box I had a slot for the lid to slide in. This works just fine but I really wanted to make a box which was completely flush all the way round.

Opening/Closing Dovetail
At some point during all my dovetail practice I produced a dovetail joint which wasn’t tight or loose and was able to open and close snugly. This gave me the idea of a dovetail joint as part of an opening/closing mechanism.

I’ve been largely focusing on my woodworking skills but ultimately I’m at the beginning of a long journey to build up a wide range of skills across many materials and techniques – not just wood. To kick things off I wanted to include an element of bass on this project. I decided to keep it simple and add a little bass handle for opening the lid.







BrassHandle3 BrassHandle4









  • Box sides: Recycled Rimu
  • Box front/back: Beech, recycled from some 65×65 table legs¬†(Probably scavenged from Auckland inorganic collection!) Ripped into 15mm boards on the table saw.
  • Box top/bottom: Okoume 4mm plywood
  • Brass handle: Recycled from chrome on bass window stays we’ve been replacing in the house
  • Finish: Penetrol wood oil.