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*Update I’ve released a new version of Power Control *

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As promised when I posted about the print server power control Hack, I’ve finally gotten around to writing a little windows app to control devices from the system tray. The utility is called PowerTray, it can control local devices or devices connected to a networked computer as long as they are also managed by PowerTray.

PowerTray Screenshot

PowerTray can also integrate with MyPowerControl in MediaPortal HTPC system. If you’re using this with MediaPortal then only install either PowerTray or the MyPowerControl plug-in in a single computer not both!

Source is available in the MediaPortal plug-ins SVN
Version History (2009-03-21)
-Lots of little bug fixes and better error handling (2008-08-24)
-Initial release

0.3.0 – (Read about and download the new version of PowerControl)