Modular vbScript Framework

2 minute read

A simple modular vbscript framework which allows you to re-use code and maintain modules in isolation.

Create a Duplicate WordPress QA Site

4 minute read

A simple script to duplicates a WordPress blog to different folder/subdomain. Do testing/development without disruption to your live site. Easily refresh te...

PCB Drill Press

1 minute read

PCB Drill press made using an old rack mount server rail and other bits’n pieces from the garage!

Electronic Component Salvage

less than 1 minute read

Video How-to: A quick and easy way to salvage electronic components using a heat gun.

Inkjet/Toner Hybrid PCB Printing

1 minute read

Video how-to: Direct to PCB printing with the inkjet/toner hybrid method. Etched with Cupric Chloride. With component-side silkscreen!