Structured Cable at Home (‘F’ Patch Panel)

Here’s a quick update on my structured cable at home. Hopefully it will give you some ideas if you’re looking to do something similar.  The main goal here was to run all 4 LNB outputs from my dish and my UFH antenna back to a single point.

RG6 quad-shield run up from the floor through the existing data cable channel.


I used a piece of powder coated aluminum which I cut from a 2U server rack blanking panel and ran the RG6 cables through the wall and terminated them with ‘F’ joiners.


I came across a great free 2D CAD application called DraftSight which I used to create a template for drilling the plate and the wall.


Completed and all back together – featuring the aptly named ‘Patch’.  The cables connected to the completed patch plate all go back up the channel to the TV Server PC in the cupboard above.  I haven’t cabled any of the rooms (except the lounge) because everything is delivered over IP, however I have pre-drilled at the back of the plate and half drilled the plate for future expansion.


I’d like to thank Godfey who supplied all the RG6, F connectors, and tools. And also took the time to show me how to do PPC compression fittings.  Kiwi’s – if you’re in need to any of the gear to do this stuff Godfrey trades through TradeMe and gives the best service and prices around!




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7 Responses to Structured Cable at Home (‘F’ Patch Panel)

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  3. Paul August 10, 2011 at 1:45 pm #

    Great Job. Would be good if you could also post a wiring schematic as I am interested in what you use at each of your TVs – I am guessing media portal is in a client-server set up based on your mention all is delivered by IP

    • RhysGoodwin August 11, 2011 at 6:16 pm #

      Hey Paul,

      Basically 4 cables come from the 4xOutput LNB they go to 4 ‘F’ joiners at the back of the plate. 4 cables come off the plate and go up to the server PC in the cupboard above. The server handles recording and streaming (MediaPortal) and then I have a PC in the lounge that plays the streams over the network and outputs to the TV via HDMI. Also have PCs in other rooms. Pretty much the same deal with UHF. I do have the option of patching UHF to the TV if I wanted to use the built-in tuner in the TV.



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