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Here’s a quick video on my “new” Inca Bandsaw.

A few facts I missed in the video:

  • Model: 342 186 04
  • Manufactured: 1986
  • Motor: Leroy Somer LS80P 230v
  • Relay Start
  • Work done:
    • General clean/de-rust
    • Replaced thrust bearings
    • Fixed lose neutral in wall plug
    • Stripped motor, checked for dust and bearing condition. Ok
    • Replaced capacitor
    • Cleaned dust from start/stop buttons
    • Tracked and tensioned blade

I had an issue with the motor occasionally not starting, it would just hum. I replaced the capacitor and the problem seems to have gone away.

I’m not 100% sure what kind of induction motor this is. When I opened it I excepted to find a centrifugal switch inside but I didn’t. Is it a permanent split capacitor motor? Please comment if you know how it starts/runs. I made this simple wiring diagram. (To the best of my understanding).

Wiring Drawing

The next thing I’ll need to do is build a fence.